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"Wherever you go, whoever you might be, you must learn from the past which paved the paths you walk on in order to grow."

Leone has been living a rigid and unchanging routine as the Grand Oracle of the Temple of Heliath. However, the blessing of her God comes with more baggage than she prepared for, and the whirlwind of troubles following it was far from her normal life. 

Once bound by her duties and responsibilities, she’s now handed the chance to learn about the alternative choices in her life and the opportunity to be more than the role was given to her upon birth.

The choices between duty and freedom, honour and heart. At the end of the day, her decision must be made with the sacrifice of one side in favour of another.

The problem is, which will it be?

Overture is meant to exist as a standalone introductory piece to the main story you’ll experience in Ephemeral Light, an adventure and romance visual novel title featuring a female protagonist with four different love interests.

Coming this 2019, Ephemeral Light: Overture shows us a glimpse of the lives of various characters in the story before the crisis hits and changes them for good. 

  • Home is about familiarity and the sense of belonging.
  • Kingdom is about duty and the sacrifices we make for the greater good. 
  • Sea is about expectancy and the pride of one's independence.  
  • Land is about safety and the bonds between family without blood relations.


  • Warnings: Nothing's worth warning about, play worry-free (๑òᆺó๑)
  • Character art and illustration by shortpencil and chocojax
  • Six different stories from the points of view of various characters in the cast and more.
  • A glimpse into their personalities and beliefs, their goals and motivations, their lives and problems.
  • Release Date: Spring 2019


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I'm looking forward to this! Best of luck with the release! ^^

Looks really good,I want to play!^^