A downloadable failed experiment

THIS is a game about love! And that's about it, I'm tired okay, I have to work so damn much and not to mention working on these back breaking games. So spare me if I don't have any energy to write a proper summary.

Welcome to your new neighbourhood where you meet a cute guy named Colin and try to romance him with the help of his best friend and your trusty sidekick, Aubrey. Yes, romance Colin! Only Colin though, no one else. I don't have the resource for another love interest.

boy toy is another game about romance but probably not as it is. I don't know what kind of medicines I was on when I conceptualised this and I sincerely hope it came out better than expected else I'm going to jump from my bed to the ground. 

Featuring female protagonists with no eyes, that's right, no eyes. With choice in plural and a small cast with relative importance to follow you through the story. If I have to read what I wrote here again I'd probably be so ashamed I will take this game down.


  • Warnings: the story is unsuitable for children or those easily disturbed
  • I don't know how many endings are there and at this point I'm afraid to ask.jpg
  • Character art and illustrations by vellaude, cover art by m0quer
  • Have fun! Romance someone! Actually, there's only one romance option, so yeah!
  • Be friending two people! More than one option, yay! Dealing with their dumb and dumber antics!
  • Release Date: 2019

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