A downloadable sadness simulator

AFTER your untimely death, you meet your boyfriend again in the afterlife. Reunion is sweet and bitter when you realize that despite your effort to save him, you couldn't stop him from his own demise. But soon, it becomes apparent that your afterlife isn't hell or heaven, but instead a gilded cage that trapped you in this world between life and death. And in these finals moments in each other's arms, you have to decide what's best for his future and yours.

alas ~ mon pauvre coeur ~ is a game about romance as it is, with its ups and downs and with sadness and happiness. Originally intended for My First Game Jam, Alas is now extended beyond its original scopes while retaining many of the planned features. 

Featuring nameable female protagonist, multiple choices to shape the story towards two endings. Affect not only how the story turns out, but also your partner, Emery to become a better person or worse through your choices.


  • Warnings: the story is unsuitable for children or those easily disturbed
  • While the game contains two endings, it requires multiple replays.
  • Artwork by YuukiCrossPudding (sprite and illustration), marimo (promotional artwordk) and adirosa (backgrounds and additional elements)
  • Soundtrack by ExPsylewith writing and UI by potouto
  • Release Date: 2018


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*Waits patiently*

I love everything about this already. ;_;